This award winning space is here to house the stories of how learners learn in higher ed. Below is a list to choose from for learners to write about how they develop or use that skill.

It has been cultivated from the open textbook from the University of Saskatchewan entitled University Success. A wonderful open resource that we hope can help springboard learners themselves into sharing their take on these skills and strategies.

It is a list of suggested topics. You are free to choose your own if you’d like to contribute.

  1. Thinking of the end result. Making career goals/plans
  2. Getting motivated, staying motivated, manufacturing motivation
  3. Managing time, tasks, work to be done
  4. Listening for learning
  5. Reading for learning
  6. Writing for learning
  7. Discussion
  8. Note-taking/ collecting notes
  9. Collaboration (in studying, group work, projects)
  10. Curating
  11. Remembering
  12. Critical thinking
  13. Other learning strategies
  14. Test preparation, test taking
  15. Interacting with peers/instructors
  16. Social aspects
  17. Health
  18. Money
  19. Advocacy
  20. Co-curricular

Again, this is a springboard for you to find something to write about if you’re interested in becoming an Open Learner Patchbook “Patcher”. If another topic comes to mind, you’re free to use that one!

Contact @greeneterry on Twitter to find out how to contribute.

This in-progress project is the mirror image of the Open Faculty Patchbook. Here is some more background info

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