Patch Twelve: Going Abroad

My Decision to Study Abroad

Jaspreet Kaur


As we all know, everybody has a dream that they want to fulfill by any means. Some people dream to become a scientist, some dream to become a lawyer, some even dream to become rich. To fulfill those dreams we all have to make choices; this is why I made some choices too. Hello everyone, I am Jaspreet Kaur. This blogpost is about some of my life changing experiences. I want to be a nurse, so I wanted to go abroad for higher education. I came to Canada in January 2017 to fulfill my dreams. I chose Canada for higher education because it is a very beautiful country. It has one of the best education systems in the world. I think that some of the best care facilities are provided to people in every community in Canada. I think Canada is the safest country to study in without any fear, as full rights are provided to international students. Also, I always wanted to help people with disabilities, people who could not help themselves and people who need proper care. The decision to leave my family back home and going abroad to a totally different environment was really hard for me. I never lived a single night without my parents. It was a difficult, but at the same time, a good decision.

When I came to Canada I had some problems. I did not know cooking; I did not know about managing expenses. I lived with some college friends who were very kind people. They cooked for me and helped me getting settled on my own. However, I was eating less and because of eating less, I got ill. My illness was so severe that I had to drop my studies. After taking medication, I soon recovered and I learned to cook by myself with the help of the internet. I mastered managing my rent and other expenses, which I never did back home. Also, now I am able to get up early on my own. I have developed a lot of good qualities because of my life changing decision.

Further, I feel that this choice had a positive impact on my life as I have become an active and multitasking person. I can manage everything smoothly. I got to know about a new education system and new ways of learning. Getting involved in new projects and activities helped me develop as a learner, and all this had a good impact on my mind and helped me to improve skills.

My interest in helping people with disabilities developed from my home. My mother took care of my grandmother for twenty years, since I was born. My grandmother was disabled; she could not walk on her own. My parents always cared for and protected everybody in our family. As a result, I had a very protective and pampering environment at home. My parents taught me to take care of everybody in need. So, I gained my sense of caring for others and helping people in need from my parents. The only negative aspect of studying abroad is that I had to leave my family. I miss the events and festivals in my country. I miss the healthy food my mother makes at home.

However, I made a right choice for me because I want to make my parents proud. They always wanted to see me achieving my goals. I wanted to study in an advanced education system, where I could learn every possibility of helping people in ways that benefit them and give them care and satisfaction. The best benefit of migrating to a new place is that I’ve met new people who work in the health sciences, from whom I can learn about health and safety of patients. I have met new people from all over the world who have come this far to study and share their experiences together.

All in all, life is all about learning new things, leaving our own comfort zone behind. I gained knowledge about understanding others’ perspectives and understanding others’ emotions and feelings. I get to know about a new culture, festivals, food, and an education system. Positive vibes surround me when I get to learn something good and learn more about this new place I’m living. Life is hard sometimes, but I think we should take every step thoughtfully and make good happen for ourselves. We should find happiness in little things and we should spread happiness all around. Decision making may be hard too, but we should always think positively and achieve our goals. Everybody should make decisions which could help lead them towards bright future.

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