Patch Ten: Why Canada?

Why I Came to Study in Canada

Naman Kumar Sukhija, Cambrian College

Hi! I am Naman Kumar Sukhija. I am an international student studying at Cambrian College. I take the Personal Support Worker program. I had to make important decisions before coming to Canada. I was in a fix for deciding what course I wanted to pursue and was confused about which specific college would match up to my requirements. We all know that choosing a specific program is a very difficult task; after all, it will be our future profession too. After plenty of research, I settled for the Personal Support Worker program.

After the completion of my senior secondary school and getting good scores in my IELTS exam, I started searching through various colleges in Ontario and programs in each college. After extensive research, I was able to choose Cambrian College as my final choice. I asked a few of my friends who are studying in Canada about this college. Their reviews were positive, both towards their studies as well as toward the faculty at the college. I applied for admission for the Winter 2018 intake immediately. The best thing was that I was accepted and sent an offer letter in just one week. As soon as I received my offer letter, I paid my tuition fees and finally came to Northern Ontario.  I feel proud to study in Ontario. I’m on a path toward a successful career and life.


There are a lot of differences I observed between the method of teaching in India and Canada. Canadian teachers are very friendly. They help each student in every possible way and are in touch with the students all the time. I personally observed that in India, the teachers are very strict to some of the students and lenient toward others. They also impart their free time only to intelligent students and not to those who have low grades. Teachers in my town do not consider every student as equal. On the other hand, the teachers at Cambrian all behave very kindly. They treat every student the same, irrespective of any caste or gender. They help with assignments and also respond to student queries as soon as possible.


Cambrian College provides various facilities to students within its campus. The campus of the college is very big; I still have not been able to explore it entirely. The campus is very beautiful and even universities in India do not compare to the college. For any queries, there are many volunteers on each floor to insist students and guide them. The library is also quite impressive. There is a computer for every student to access their files by logging in, but there are no computers in libraries of India. There are also librarians to help students with various problems. There are separate rooms for small group of students to study in the library and also there is a Cambrian’s Zen Den, which is a beautiful room to rest in during free time or when students are tired. The College also provides free breakfast to the students every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which includes cereals, fruits, yoghurt, eggs and breads. I have the breakfast every time. I’m impressed with the cleanliness on campus as well as the central heating. I never feel cold inside the campus, even when the temperature outside is -30 degree Celsius! Overall, the campus facilities have exceeded my expectations and I really liked it.

Future Employment

The best part of studying in Ontario is the potential job opportunities. At my college, students can work at on-campus jobs or volunteer, which is of great benefit. Another benefit is the college organizes a Career Fair for students every semester, where employers from many successful companies come to the campus and hire students that are eligible and meet their requirements. This gives students exposure to Canadian employers. If students work during their studies, they gain experience which will benefit them in future. Moreover, they can easily earn their monthly expenses and they do not need to disturb their parents for money any more.


To conclude, I would like to say that studying at an Ontario college is a great option for international students who wants to continue their education abroad. I’m really enjoying my time at Cambrian and the experience has exceeded my expectations. I hope that this information is helpful to you, especially if you are considering coming to Canada. Thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Patch Ten: Why Canada?

  1. Hi, Naman. Thank you for sharing your wonderful perspective as a student who is studying abroad. In your experience, what has been the most surprising or challenging discovery so far? I encouraged my own children and my students to travel any chance they get. There is always an education to be had in journeying to new places and different cultures. All the best in yours!

    1. Hey Bonnie…Thank you for your beautiful comments on my patch…I apologize for replying you too late….Well according to me, there are two most challenging things a student has to face after coming to abroad…First thing is finding a place to live and second, a job…These are the things which I faced while I landed here as there was none of my known living in the city of Sudbury…I remained positive in my beliefs and I got both of them….Thank you so much again ….😊😊😊😊

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