Patch Seven: Bullying

Stop The Bullying

By Mary

Hello, I would like to share some thoughts about bullying and ways to protect yourself from being bullied.

Bullying is a common problem that affects many people, including college students. In simple words, bullying is when an individual is being forced or threatened, maybe physically or mentally, over and over by another dominating person or group. Some reasons that a person might be bullied include because of his or her physical appearance, or because of some perceived character flaw. Bullies tend to target people who they think are weak or different.

Bullying can be different for females and males. In my opinion, males tend to physically dominate other males, while females tend to insult other females. For the most part, women more than men must deal with issues related to sexual harassment and assault.

Even though bullying is a nightmare for many students, there are cases in which people who have been victimized by bullies use this bitter experience to help motivate them to succeed, finding a different path from the victimhood of being bullied. However, in most cases people who are bullied are susceptible to health problems, such as stress and depression. There are ways to avoid being bullied. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Stay in a Group of Friends

Bullies mostly target individuals rather than entire groups. Therefore, being with group of friends can help to reduce being bullied. Friends will always be there to support each other in any situation, so if you are a target of bullies, try to stay with friends so that they can shield you from bullies and support you emotionally.

  1. Tell a Teacher

In most cases, students are afraid to complain about being bullied. Parents and teachers may not understand what is happening, since they don’t see it. However, bullying can be controlled if the problem is shared with parents or teachers. In colleges, teachers can take action against bullying. Therefore, it’s better to inform your teachers as soon as bullying occurs, so that the situation will not get out of hand. The teacher can speak to the bully directly or inform a higher authority so that they can take action against the bully. Deans can even talk to entire groups of bullies to advise them on appropriate behavior and take disciplinary action them if necessary. Reporting bullies doesn’t just help you; it helps other students who are being hurt by the bullies too.

  1. Avoid Provoking the Bully

Silence is the best answer. The most effective way to deal with bullies is to ignore them. Bullies tend to seek attention from others and they find fun in hurting others. So, if the targeted student is not responding in any way, the bully will often lose interest in that particular individual and will try to target someone else. Even if a bully loses interest in you, it is still a good idea to report that individual to the proper authorities so teachers and administrators know to pay attention to that person’s actions.

All these factors can be taken into account if an individual is being bullied while at college. It is important to try to reduce stress and other distractions while studying. However, in the past years rates of bullying have been considerably high, and millions of students are affected by bullying. This is unfortunate, since bullying strikes as the very basis of our self-worth and value, and prevents students from reaching their full potential. Don’t let yourself become a victim of a bully. Find support. Speak up. Avoid the situation. Get your power back.

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