Patch Eight: Trust – The Root of All Relations

Pawandeep Kaur, Cambrian College

I’m Pawandeep Kaur, a Personal Support Worker student at Cambrian college. As life is an ongoing process and we learn meaningful lessons from it; here, I will write about the dangers of blind trust.

A few years ago, when I was studying at the grade school level, I thought that everyone is kindhearted, like me. I trusted everyone blindly. I had a large friend circle and I shared everything with everyone. Also, I thought that I was so lucky to have so many trustworthy friends. I told everything to them, even my passwords of bank locker and mobile phone, and I also discussed my family problems because I thought my friends were trust worthy. My thinking was that trust is the most important aspect for building any relationship. Love, care, and respect all comes from trust. Trust is the first step or base of journey of every relation. It brings happiness, joy and love in a person’s life, which makes a difference in his/her life. During my school yearslife, I thought that by trusting my friends I was showing them that I cared for them, and in return, they would care for me and never cheat me.

My expectations and my thinking were wrong. My friends betrayed me. It was during mid-term. I had the highest marks of all my friends, and the teachers started to show their appreciation for me. I think my friends felt jealous of me. To take me down in the eyes of our teachers, they made a plan. Firstly, they want me to miss the lecture. They called me the evening before class and said, “Pawan, tomorrow we will bunk the lecture and enjoy a party at the hotel. So, see you there.” I trusted them and missed the lecture. The hotel was far away from our school. When I arrived at the hotel, none of my friends were there. I called them, but no one picked up my phone call. When I came back, class was over and I didn’t have any idea that my teacher had assigned the mid-term assignment. I couldn’t find any of my friends at school, and when I saw them next and asked what happened, they simply said that we were in hotel and sorry, by mistake we gave wrong address to you. They told me they tried to call me but I was out of cell service. I didn’t think much of it.

By chance, two days before the assignment due date, I found out about the mid-term assignment when one of my classmates asked my teacher a question related to the assessment. I asked my friends about the assignment, but even though they already knew all about it, they pretended to be surprised and reacted as if they knew nothing about it.

I worked hard to complete the assignment just a few hours before the deadline. I put a hard copy of the assignment in my locker. However, my friends knew my locker combination, so they went into my locker and stole my assignment. I never expected that they would do that. I was unable to submit my assignment on time. I felt embarrassed because I couldn’t fulfill the expectations of my teacher. I got zero in that assignment. After a few days, I found my assignment in my friend’s bag. At that time, I felt totally broken inside and depressed. When I asked about it, my friends told me the whole story and this totally changed my views regarding trust. This situation left a deep impact on me.

I learned a very useful lesson from the incident; never trust others blindly. This situation opened my eyes and made me familiar with the real world. I realized that jealous can devalue friendship, and people can make choices that destroy trust instantly. Therefore, never trust others too much because blind trust can lead to terrible outcomes. I still haven’t reconciled with my friends who betrayed me. Things got complicated and we grew apart.

In conclusion, I want to say that trust is as a glue which bonds relationships together. Building trust is very difficult, and it takes only a few seconds to break. Never trust people blindly, because they can cheat you for their purpose. However, I cannot deny that trust is essential for building relationships. Trust is a major component which make us reliable and safe with others, but it is like a glass, if it breaks then even with several efforts we cannot restore the relationship to as it was before. So guys, be careful when deciding who to trust. Trust people who think in similar ways to you. Pay attention to how honest your friends are toward others. If your friends are dishonest and selfish, they are likely not to be trusted. Do not trust anyone blindly. Don’t let people expose your feelings in front of others or take advantage of you. I hope you learn from my story and find my suggestions helpful!

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